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Great Pick & Roll Plays

In this comprehensive APP, Lason Perkins shares his collection of the greatest pick and roll plays from around the world. Taken from FIBA, Euroleague, NBA, college and high school games, these are set plays that create mismatches, 3-point shots, interior scoring actions and more! 

Tempo Control & Delay Sets

Every coach and team needs great ways to use the clock and shorten the game- and this is the only APP on the market that tells you how!

Partner Training Drills

California-based trainer Jordan Lawley is one of the rising stars in skill development, and this APP gives a great indication why.

23 Ways to Destroy a Defender

This rapid fire tutorial is an amazing 'how to' on some of the best moves and counter moves in the NBA: CP3, Nash, Ginobili, Parker, Rose, and much more...

Assembly Line Skill Builders

Challenge your players with new drills this season... and see rapid improvement by using these unique and creative Assembly Line Skill Builders. 

How To Win At The End, Vol. 1

How To Win At The End: Vol. 1 is an incredible collection of the best in game winning plays and special situation strategies. 

The A Set Offense: Scoring Playbook

The A-Set is the most popular offensive scheme used in International basketball.

Stopping The Unstoppable

amie Angeli is back with another important DVD for your coaching library - Stopping The Unstoppable- Junk Defenses That Work.

Zone Offense Quick Hitters

Hot off the press is this great release from Lason Perkins that details over 40 actions to use against a variety of zone defenses. Every team is going to face a zone at some point in the season and the most effective way to combat any zone is by getting great inside looks and wide open shots- and this APP will help you do just that.

Teaching Toughness

Fresno City College coach Ed Madec, who has won over 85% of his games, shares his philosophy, his practice drills, and his teaching points that will help you create a championship culture, a positive environment, and teams and players that will thrive in the toughest games and situations.

Dribble Triple Threat

Finally- basketball instruction that teaches you how to Drive, Pass, and Shoot while on the dribble!

Plays & Drills: A Winning Playbook

Salesian High School is a two-time California State Champion and Coach Bill Mellis has opened up his playbook and practice schedule to share some of the plays and drills he uses.

Scoring Against Zone Defense

Learn effective plays, actions and schemes that will give your team a decided strategic advantage in every game!

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Flexible Dribble Drive Motion (DDM) Offense

If you're looking for a great continuity offense that combines the aggressive actions of the Dribble Drive Motion but also has great structure like Flex, than this unique offense is for you! 

Scoring In Transition

The ability to runs plays from a fast break situation provides the opportunity to maintain a constant attack on an opposing team’s defensive schemes, and prevents an opponent from organizing and using an effective defensive attack such as a trap or press.

Baylor Bears Zone Quick Hitters

The perfect complement to the Baylor Man To Man Quick Hitters APP, these Zone Quick Hitters provide outstanding actions that will get you great shots, both inside and outside, against any zone defense.

Maximum Skill Development

Manhattan Head Coach and longtime Rick Pitino assistant coach Steve Masiello demonstrates five skill development drills for maximum improvement.

Princeton Continuity Offense

Jamie Angeli teaches the Princeton Offense in his easy-to-understand style that will allow your team to run the offense effectively.

The FUSION Offense

Jamie Angeli's Fusion Offense combines the 1-4 high, sideline triangle and Princeton styles into one cohesive offensive system.

The Suffocating MATCH UP Zone Defense

Longtime Division 1 assistant coach Silvey Dominguez has finally shared his insights and knowledge on the match-up zone that have created some of the stingiest and most feared defensive teams in the country.

Great Ball-Handling Made Easy!

This is quite simply the finest instructional APP on teaching ball-handling and moves on the market. Utilizing progressions and step by sep methodology, Coach Brian McCormick teaches the important building block skills all players need to master.

Super Scoring Skills: Post Moves

The drills that Coach Steve Ball teaches are worth the price of this App alone! 

High-Low Triangle Offense

The High-Low Triangle incorporates concepts from the famous Tex Winter Triple-Post offense, commonly known as the Triangle offense; the Flex offense; and the Shuffle-Cut offense.

25 Killer Scoring Moves To Dominate The Game

Every player needs a handful of great offensive moves, and this APP provides detailed instruction on 25 Killer Scoring Moves!

Zone Defense Killers

Finally! A definitive collection of zone-defense specific offensive knowledge from Coach Perkins!

West Coast STACK Offense

The West Coast STACK offense is a great collection of explosive and aggressive man-to-man attacks.

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